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Outsourcing of accountancy significantly contributes to the efficient management of a modern company. It enables to focus on those fields of activities which build the real value of Your company.

The management of a multi-level , present-day enterprise requires application of differentiated and integrated (including IT) systems. Being confronted with such challenges the managers cannot afford to concentrate only on fulfilling the legal accounting provisions.

By taking over the responsibility of daily accountancy and relative routine obligations our services help you to increase the value added and efficiency, with simultaneous decrease of costs. 

Outsourcing of accountancy by Certified Management Accountant:

  • Organisation and coordination over all accountancy and tax aspects pertaining to partnerships, companies, enterprises;

  • Management of all accountancy subjects;

  • Preparation of financial statements, analyses and periodic reports;

  • Supervision of internal financial-accounting procedures;

  • Managing the accounting/book-keeping records;

  • Preparation of tax declarations (VAT, CIT, PIT);

  • Preparation of statements for external institutions: NBP, GUS, etc.;

  • Monitoring of the record of purchases and expenses through updates and correct data delivery;

  • Managing the flow of incoming and outgoing invoices;

  • Keeping the records of cash and bank documents and monitoring of cash flow;

  • Maintaining contacts with controlling institutions, banks and statutory auditors;

  • Active involvement in the processes related to closing accounting and reporting periods.

  • Other services that might be delegated by the Contractor.

Detailed services


  • Development of accountancy policy;

  • Creation of ledgers for a newly-established company, creation of a company’s plan of accounts;

  • Settlement of accountancy backlogs;

  • Recording of current economic transactions;

  • Preparation of monthly statements and declarations of the company income tax (CIT 2) and the value added tax (VAT-7);

  • Preparation of the record of purchases and expenses VAT, VAT EU;

  • Managing the fixed asset record and calculation of depreciation allowances;

  • Periodic preparation of statistical reports required by the Central Statistical Office (GUS) and the Polish National Bank (NBP);

  • Preparation of the end-year balance sheet together with the profit and loss statement and the additional financial information; showing balance of receivables and payables; preparation of the company annual income tax statement (CIT-8);

  • Preparation of reports for the managing board, supervisory board, stockholders and aligned entities, including the foreign ones.

  • Providing the accounting consultation on the correct documentation of economic operations;

  • Creation of company’s plan of accounts adjusted to the contractor’s requirements;

  • Cooperation with controlling institutions, auditors, banks and companies; supervision of internal and external financial audits; supervision of reports required by GUS and NBP; management of the accountancy department.

Management of the tax ledgers for revenue and expense or journals for recorded revenue tax purposes (‘lump-sum purchases’):

  • Management of the ledgers for revenue and expense or journals for recorded revenue tax purposes (‘lump-sum purchases’);

  • Management of VAT record, including European Union transactions;

  • Management of the fixed asset record, the intangible and legal asset record and management of the equipment register;

  • Calculation of the monthly income tax payment of account;

  • Preparation of reports and analysis according to individual requirements;

  • Monitoring of liabilities;

  • Consultations on tax and accounting topics;

  • Representation in front of the Tax Auditing Institutions.

Human resources and payroll services:


Preparation of payroll documentation:

  • Management of payroll through preparation of the payroll lists, the employees’ remuneration lists and the employment record;

  • Preparation of the tax declarations for the personal income tax (PIT-4R, PIT-11);

  • Preparation of the entry and clearing declarations to the Social Insurance Institution(ZUS);

  • Consulting with contractor the information on human resources documentation;

  • Representing the contractor in front of ZUS;


Management of the employee’s personal records:

  • Preparation of the contracts of employment and other civil-law agreements; preparation of directives and human resources analysis; recording of holiday and work days;

  • Management of the employee’s benefits documentation; daily contact with ZUS on human resources issues; issuance of indispensable certificates for employees; preparation of statues (if required );

  • Services related to the occupational health and safety regulations which don’t required specified authorization, inter alia management of OHS registers such as employee’s medical checking and accidents’ registers.


A developing enterprise, cooperating with banks, leasing companies or investment funds, is always advised to take into account the professional support. Under no circumstances is the knowledge of one, even the best and experienced, financier always less than a sum of knowledge and experience of a few financial directors, tax advisors and bank or leasing specialists. Therefore we would like to offer you the Lucas Financial-Accounting Management services. We possess the proved track of record within the areas of mortgage loans, financial loans as well as of Medium and Small Enterprises. Our aims focus first of all on the definition of the Customer’s needs and then on the support to find the most appropriate financial solution. You will find in our offer several banking propositions on financial products for enterprises which are already widely recognised by the business environment. Inter alia we offer: OBROTOMIERZ – based on revenues on accounts, without ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) or US (Tax Office); INSTALLMENT WORKING CAPITAL LOAN or START UP LOAN. Generally, the idea of financial outsourcing creates a possibility of synergy of the services provided by specialists in concrete areas (in our case specialists in finance) and avoidance of high costs, which would occur while hiring a separate specialist in Your company. 

Financial outsourcing offers:

Finance Manager

  • Definition and realisation of the fianancial policy;

  • Supervision over preparation of (consolidated) records and reports;

  • Definition of the budget system, supervision and controlling over the budget’s and long-term financial plans’ realisation;

  • Initiatives aiming at solutions which guarantee the optimal profitability of a company;

  • Financial reporting;

  • Responsibility for the optimal tax policy, including the responsibility for: liquidity, securing exchange rate risk and securing interest rate risk;

  • Supervision of overall accountancy topics;

  • Supporting the board with strategic decisions;

  • A cost analysis and participation in creation of pricing policy;

  • Cooperation with banks and other external institutions;

  • Searching for sources of additional financing;

  • Preparation of reports, analyses, etc.

  • Co-operation with auditors.   

Controller/Financial Analyst/Controlling Specialist

  • Participation in the planning of annual budget, forecast or long-term perspective;

  • Controlling of the above mentioned plans;

  • Preparation of financial reports and analyses;

  • Analysis of product, region, category (…) profitability;

  • Cost controlling;

  • Providing a reliable management information required for high-level decisions;

  • Adjustment of the plan of accounts for the management accounting requirements;

  • Creation of structures for the income and expenses centres;

  • Co-operation with an accountancy department;

  • Preparation for an accountancy department the data relative to reserves and impairment loss;

  • Preparation of the monthly management reports for the board.

Detailed services in:

Controlling and Management Accounting:

  • Operational controlling (result manoeuvring, liquidity planning, controlling of profitability, improvement of existing resources);

  • Financial controlling (planning, realisation, controlling, ensuring liquidity structure, current liquidity, maintaining reserves liquidity, ensuring financing of investment projects);

  • Creation of controlling tools;

  • Preparation of reports and financial, cost, sales analyses, required by different departments;

  • Preparation of budgets for following periods;

  • Preparing short and long-term prognoses;

  • Controlling over the budget realisation;

  • Financial analysis of the company, analysis of variations from revenue, cost and profit plans, cost controlling.

European Union funding:

  • Support with finding a proper financial source for the project (before the entrepreneur receives ‘the first euro’ within the granted fund);

  • Project innovation’ – we prepare the list of all available funding sources with division of action types envisaged in requirements for the particular projects;

  • Preparing feasibility study;

  • Assessment of qualified expenditures;

  • Financial installment of European Union projects – financial reliability of the potential beneficiary and assessment of real probability of liquidity during the realisation of planned investments (i.e. project’s financial analysis);

  • Preparation of application and business plan;

  • Management of the project – merit and financial supervision;

  • Periodical reporting, assessment of qualified expenditures, preparation of settlement documentation as well as application for funding according to the granted fund. 

Bank proposals within our offer

We aim at best defining of the Client’s needs and requirements and we offer comprehensive consultations relative to the most suitable financial solutions. We provide Small and Medium Entreprises with professional support and access to a wide range of financial products and services. We find the proposals of various (preferred) banks and we advise how to choose an appropriate solution from the following areas:

Loans and credits

1. Mortgage loans:

  • Estate loans for apartment, house or ground;
  • Renovation loans for apartment or house;
  • Construction loans;
  • Debt consolidation loans secured by property collateral;
  • Other mortgage loans for different purposes secured by property collateral.

2. Commercial loans and credits:

  • Revolving loans for the current company’s activities;
  • Start-up loans for starting the business;
  • nvestment loans for innovative investments;
  • Development loans;
  • Property development loans for new build projects;
  • Green-fields loans.

3. Cash loans and credits:

  • Consolidation loans for current debts and liabilities, aiming at decreasing a monthly rate;
  • Cash loans for different purposes

European Union Funds-Loans

Loan within the JEREMIE initiative (and similar projects)

JEREMIE (Joint European Resources for Micro to Medium Enterprises) financial mechanism assumes transfer of low-rate financial resources to the Small and Medium Entreprises (SMEs) with the usage of financial intermediary (e.g. banks, loan and loan guarantee funds, venture capital funds, etc.). It aims at giving the SMEs a necessary kick-start to launch or expand their businesses and carry out their ambitions. Foremost JEREMIE focuses on enterprises which meet difficulties with access to standard loans as they constitute start-up companies or they are in developing period.

In 2007-2013 JEREMIE initiative was implemented within Regional Operational Programmes for Voivodeships: Dolnośląskie, Łódzkie, Pomorskie, Wielkopolskie and Zachodniopomorskie.

Under the new 2014-2020 programming period, European Investment Fund is assessing market needs across EU Member States and Regions to design the new proper investment solutions.

Our offer within this area covers:

  • Free of charge analysis and proposition of the most suitable loan offer;

  • Preparation of JEREMIE (or other) application;

  • Support in preparation and accomplishment of other documents required as appendixes to JEREMIE (or other) application, such as business plan, financial analysis and planning, cash flow, etc.;

  • Preparation of the documents required for the loan settlement;

  • Customer service while the loan agreement validity period.


  • Cars and trucks lease;

  • Machines and devices lease;

  • Property lease;

  • Office equipment lease;

  • IT hardware lease;

  • Medical equipment lease;

  • Consumer lease;

  • Other lease.

Leasing offers:

  • Operating lease;

  • Financial lease;

  • Sale and leaseback(financial and operating);

  • Lease for the newly-established companies;

  • Simplified procedures;

  • Initial contributions from 0% (simplified and standard procedures);

  • Unlimited age;

  • European Union and international purchases;

  • Attractive insurance packages OC/AC/NW.

Leasing benefits

The leasing option is easier available than the standard investment bank loan. In most of the cases it comprises of simplified procedures and there is no requirement for additional collateral.

There is possibility of transferring the responsibility for leasing liabilities to other entrepreneur (including the right for tax reductions) when the lessee loses liquidity. Therefore, the risk assisting this kind of financial support for company’s fixed assets is relatively low.

The total cost of the operating lease can be calculated into the cost of revenue, influencing the decrease of tax base.

Improvement of financial transfers – the entrepreneur doesn’t engage their financial resources in order to acquire the fixed investment assets. The gained capital can be used for instance for turnover.

Flexibility while lease payback period – payback terms of leasing rates can be adjusted to the individual profile of the company.

Finally, there are options of attractive additional products such as: insurances, fleet management or fuel credit cards.


We offer complex legal services in various areas dedicated to SMEs and sector of big entreprises and corporations. We always adjust our proposals to the Client’s individual needs and business characteristics. Thanks to this we can pride ourselves on being effective.

Our services cover legal advice on: partnership law, trade agreements, labour law, fusions and mergers, legal due diligence, intellectual property law, etc. We provide our Customers with broad scope of vindication (payments monitoring, payment terms and deadlines reminders, preparation of payment appeals, management of liabilities, preparation of compromise agreements and their monitoring).

Lucas Financial - Accounting Management proposes dedicated legal support on each level of entreprise’s development. Our offer focuses on:

Legal services outsourcing:

  • Regular and complex, but also ad hoc, legal services for companies;

  • Support in choosing the optimal legal ways and forms of conducting the business as well as legal support in registering;

  • Preparation of the registering documentation and representation in front of the register administration institutions, including National Court Register;

  • Preparation of corporate documentation: statues, partnership agreements, founding acts, regulations; 

  • Preparation, advising and negotiation (also as a plenipotentiary) of trade agreements, preparation of legal opinions and leading negotiations and mediations;

  • Providing explanations of the legal provisions’ interpretations and proposing solutions for the matters relative to the conducted business activities;

  • Client’s representation in legal court and pre-court cases, particularly in the area of civil, trade and economic law;

  • Possibility of home office (e-mail, phone contact), but also regular visits at the Client’s office. 


Manager Desktop

Manager Desktop is a useful tool thanks to which the management board or the shareholder can access their company’s data (HR, commercial, financial) through Internet browser from any place in the world.

The company’s manager or director can log in to the Manager Desktop and access:

  • Warehouse turnover analysis;

  • Debtors and creditors register;

  • Age structure of assets and liabilities;

  • Purchases and expenses report;

  • ABC analysis;

  • Contractors’ and employees’ records;

  • Statistics of different documentation uploads. 


eInvoices24 is a modern-day application system enabling online invoicing through Internet browser. This solution is dedicated to firms looking for contemporary ways of issuing the sales documents as well as a secure and fast system of their electronic transfer.

Benefits for Your Company:

  • Free of charge access;

  • Extra-ordinary work efficiency;

  • Modern interface for users;

  • Easy and fast issuance of sales documentation;

  • 24h/7 access from any computer with Internet.

Online Exchange of Documents

Online Exchange of Documents (OED) secures transfer of data between two undependable installations of Comarch OPTIMA system. Using as an intermediary a special Comarch server for data exchange, the transferred documents are coded by a double-secured coding system and strong passwords. Such way of transfer ensures high level of security and excludes at the same time unauthorised data deletion.

Users can have a look to the special ‘mailboxes’ where they are provided with information about sent, received and ongoing documents via OED. The system guarantees that the documents are sent to a proper, earlier defined client’s database. Additionally, the OED enables mass transfer of documents via Accountancy Office module.  

OED transfers different data which is subsequently saved on Comarch OPTIMA database:

  • Trade documents;

  • Warehouse documents;

  • Cash/Bank documents;

  • Payment notifications;

  • Settlements with contractors;

  • Employees’/ Contractors’/Banks’ lists;

  • Attributes;

  • Accounting categories;

  • Others

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